Before I started designing web-based software, I had a small (...) thing going for a very special olympic gymnast (guess who ^_^). Anyways, while designing websites around her, I was able to learn an awful lot about web coding and design. Website demos and / or bios will be down until at least Mid-September, 2016.

CP US Logo was started in late 2007 as a sister site to carlypattersononline (bio below).
I wanted to learn how to use Wordpress as a content management system, and that's exactly what happened.
Site has not been updated since mid-2008 (with the exception of the homepage, which saw an edit in February 2009).

CPO Logo / .info / .tk (none are registered anymore) originally started in late 2004, immediatly following the summer Olympic Games.
I originally hosted this website on an old page. In mid 2006, I moved the site to another hosting account.
After a few weeks, I decided to host the website from home.
In July, 2006, my friend Clive created a hosting plan for me and the site took off like a rocket.
The current pages are apprx. 85% complete.
No updates since 31 December, 2007.