About Us

BK-Works.net is currently a one-man operation, owned and operated by Bryan Kooienga.

He has been working with website devolopment since he was in 7th grade, and has worked with computer programming since his sophomore year in high school.

In his senior year, he and Kristopher Kent of 2KDev.net developed a PHP/MySQL based voting software for the kids at their high school to use to vote for homecoming king and queen.

In the year that followed the My Election script, he wrote the "BKWorks ProPHP" script. This program was a learning experience for him, more or less learning how to use PHP to upload and store files. When the script was finished, www.bkworksproducts.info was purchased and opened.

In early 2008, the Multi-User File Manager (recently changed to BKW File Cabinet) was started (actually, continued from a simple copy started in 2006). This program was designed from the ground up to be a secure way of uploading and storing files. This script was the turning point in Bryan's PHP career, allowing him to work with many different aspects, including GD image creation, SHA1 encryption, PHP's READFILE() function, and more!

On February 8, 2014, BKWorks Products' new website opened at bk-works.net.

Since then, Bryan has worked on small projects, but nothing more publically published (minus this website).
Now he works on getting the website finished (functionability is hard to add sometimes). Afterwards, he plans on fixing up his old PHP scripts that are in dire need of an update.

About the website: bkworksproducts.info was purchased in 2007 as a method to showcase the file uploader. BK-Works.net was purchased in 2014 as a shorter domain.
Since the original registration, the website has seen 4 major renovations.

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